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Meet the HEPA Cabin Air Filter for Automobiles.


LUFTT is the first HEPA cabin air filter in the world for automobiles.
With the most advanced technology and unique design,
LUFTT improves the air quality in your car to an unparalleled level.

Supreme Air Quality
from LUFTT's advanced technology

Dust Finer than Ultrafine Dust,

Dust Finer than Ultrafine Dust,


Most Penetrating Particle Size, or MPPS, is 0.3um and is the most challenging of all sizes to capture. It is only appropriate for a filter to be called good at ultrafine dust protection if it captures particles of this size effectively. LUFTT’s Cabin Air Filter eliminates MPPS more than 98%.
*MPPS : Most Penetrating Particle Size

Cleaner Air. More at Once.

Cleaner Air. More at Once.

AirBoost Tech

Surely capturing ultrafine dust would be easier with denser fiber, but at the cost of less air penetration and more pressure loss, which can lead to undesirable impact on automotive air conditioning system. LUFTT Cabin Air Filter secures air permeability at the level of OE filters, and delivers the most of the cleanest air possible.

Seen Nowhere Else.

Seen Nowhere Else.

Carbon Flow Structure

LUFTT’s unique Honeycomb Carbon Structure minimizes air resistance and maximizes the surface area, enhancing the dust capture efficiency.

From Sick Car Syndrome
to Fine Dust

The more you spend time in cars, the more harmful substances you are exposed to,
such as formaldehyde, TVOC, germs, mold, and fine dust.
For the well-being of both yourself and other passengers, now is time to start LUFTT.


LUFTT covers most of the major automobile brands and their models, and is always developing new prdocuts to include as many vehicles as possible. You can check out our catalogue below!

LUFTT Catalogue

The charcoal filters harmful VOC such as formaldehyde, and the HEPA filters ultrafine dust to the size of MPPS.

LUFTT filters have the air permeability level of an OE filter, and it is optimally designed to minimize its interruption on the automotive air conditioning system.

A HEPA filter’s filtration capacity is determined by more than simply the size of the particles. Certain physical principles of interception, impact, and diffusion play vital roles.

However, the environment in which these principles activate differ from one another, so a denser filter does not mean better filtration. It requires a deep know-how in technology and science to achieve LUFTT’s filtration capacity.

The fine dust captured in the filter is invisible, so we recommend you replace it every 6 months even if it looks clean on the outside. It should not exceed 1 year at maximum.

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